Space Travel In Terms I Can Understand: With Dogs

Space is vast as shit, and sometimes there is no real way for typical folks like myself to comprehend some of the distances and speeds involved when discussing objects, missions, and what-have-you. When’s the last time you’ve traveled a billion miles away from Earth at 30,000 km/h? Probably never– unless you’re a Kardashian marriage!  Continue reading

Is Anyone Worse at Writing Lyrics Than Mumford and Sons

Let me cut to the chase: Mumford and Sons is fucking awful. The question is how awful. We are dealing with a level of lyrical incompetence approaching absolute zero, a place where normal measures cease to function. I’ll admit their songs are catchy but that catchiness not only is separate from the quality of their lyrics, it masks the total sand-blasting worthlessness of their work.

I have selected passages from five Mumford and Sons songs and five poems from See if you can tell them apart.  Continue reading